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April 19, 2013

Apollo SFR Charter
by Don Padick

Captain Jodie Morgan is the new owner of the Apollo after recently purchasing the vessel from legendary captain and longtime owner/operator J.J Gerritsen. Sportfishingreport.com and the entire fishing community would like to thank Captain Gerritsen for all he's done to promote recreational fishing and wish him all the best as he pursues new adventures in his life. Captain Morgan, owner of the Voyager for the past eight years, will lead the Apollo on its new course and is profoundly equipped with the knowledge and skill necessary to to continue the proud legacy that Captain Gerritsen has established. SFR felt honored to have both Captain J.J. and Captain Morgan along for our recent overnight island freelance trip out of Sea Landing in Santa Barbara. The weather settled down enough for us to fish the fertile fishing grounds around San Miguel Island and boy was it a blast. Big Reds, lingcod, cabazon and quality rockfish were the name of the game for this trip. The Coughlin clan, Michael, Mikaela and Big John represented well fishing on the bow all day, while John Thompson and his motley crew from the high desert did their damage along the middle of the rail. That left the stern wide open for the iron slingers as shallow water conditions allowed for the use of a variety of swimbaits and megabaits. Stu "ironman" Bowman put on a clinic with the megabait hooking one fish after another as the rest of tried to figure out how he was doing it. We finally caught on to Stu's megabait technique and hooked and landed our share of fish, but none of us could match Stu's prowess for hooking into the big one. With legendary San Miquel Island in the background and great weather, we were sad to call it a day, but limits of quality rockfish and a good number of quality lingcod meant it was time to set course back to the landing. You can keep up with the latest news from the Apollo by checking their website at www.apollocharters.com or looking for on the water reports by Captain Morgan here at sportfishingreport.com. Once again we'd like to thank Captain Gerritsen and look forward to following Captain Morgan as he continues the proud legacy of the Apollo.


     Don Padick
Alta Dena, CA


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